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Black ABCs Flash Cards (Full Set)
Black ABCs Flash Cards (Full Set)

Black ABCs Flash Cards (Full Set)

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This set of alphabet cards feature restored reproductions from a set of large sized classroom ABC posters entitled "Black ABCs." Originally published in 1970 by the Society for Visual Education in Chicago, Illinois.

A quote from the original deck: "The pictures are of people and situations particularly relevant to many city children and thus can make the reading readiness program in city schools more meaningful."
These cards are reproductions of a set of oversized alphabet posters I acquired when I was an elementary school teacher. It took me 5 years to find a complete set. The cards were worn and damaged when I found them. I had them scanned on a special large format scanner and restored them using Photoshop. The restoration project, done as a hobby, took another 5 years. My internet research on the images and the agency that produced them shows that the copyright expired in 1990 and I was not able to find evidence that the agency renewed the copyright. I do not claim ownership of the images but reproduce them in good faith with the understanding that the copyright has expired.
Every attempt has been made to contact the original agency behind the cards. The copyright expired in 1990 and was not renewed. While we do not claim ownership of the images, they are reproduced in good faith by an elementary school teach who completed and restored an original set she taught with in the '70s.

  • Set of 26 Black Power Alphabet Cards (A-Z)
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 10 inches