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A Polyamory Devotional

A Polyamory Devotional

365 Daily Reflections for the Consensually Nonmonogamous

Evita "Lavitaloca" Sawyers
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Digestible snippets of advice and thought-provoking prompts on ethical nonmonogamy for every day of the year.

Polyamory can be fun, sweet and even liberating. But ethical non-monogamy can also take work. In A Polyamory Devotional, relationship coach Evita "Lavitaloca" Sawyers streamlines the vast abstractions of "working on yourself" into a guided tour of rigorous self-reflection. Building upon her wealth of experience in fostering the journey from monogamy to nonmonogamy, Sawyers invites you to ask yourself the big questions. Can compersion and jealousy coexist? How do we hold space for hurt we didn't cause? Through 365 daily prompts, you are encouraged to develop the tools of emotional diligence that will serve you for a lifetime. For those eager to love authentically but overwhelmed by the emotional process of polyamory, this is your reminder that you don't have to do it alone.


Evita "Lavitaloca" Sawyers is a Black, queer, ethical nonmonogamy coach, speaker, educator and advocate. She is the creator of the Instagram series "Today's Polyamory Reminder," which has inspired over 50,000 followers.


"Vita doesn't pull any punches with her raw and deeply personal perspective. A year of her daily takes is definitely a learning experience that all of us can get something from." --Kevin A. Patterson, M.Ed., author of Love's Not Color Blind

"I found myself bookmarking specific prompts that reminded me of the things that needed work in my own relationships so I could return to them whenever I wanted a comforting reminder." -- Emily Sotelo Matlack, co-host of the Multiamory podcast and co-author ofMultiamory: Essential Tools for Modern Relationships

"Through her challenges and missteps, Evita compassionately teaches us how to deal with hard feelings, navigate sovereignty, and open our hearts to love more than one person."--Evalene (Evelin) Molina Dacker, MD, family physician and creator of the STARS Talk framework for sexual communication

"Polyamory is a constant process, and this book is the perfect format to help anyone along the journey." -- Chad "polyamfam" Spangler, polyamorous entertainer and educator

"A wealth of rich, bite-sized daily reflections to support you on your consensual nonmonogamous journey.!" -- Jessica Ferm, author of Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy


  • Publisher: Thornapple Press
  • Publish Date: October 20, 2023
  • Pages: 400
  • Dimensions: 5.2 X 7.95 X 1.1 inches | 1.1 pounds
  • Language: English
  • Type: Paperback
  • EAN/UPC: 9781990869235
  • BISAC Categories: Alternative Family, Marriage & Long Term Relationships
  • Alt: Evita Sawyers, Lavitaloca


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