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Aperture 241

Aperture 241


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Edited by Tyler Mitchell

If the year 2020 has resembled a disquieting sci-fi plot or a sinister speculative work, this year has also shown us that other ways of living are possible―if the collective will exists. But is it naive to speak of utopia today? In this issue, artists, photographers, and writers envision a world without prisons, document visionary architecture, honor queer space and creativity, and dream of liberty through spiritual self-expression. They show us that utopia is not a far-fetched scheme, or a “no place” (the literal meaning of the word), but rather a way of reconsidering the everyday. Salamishah Tillet examines Tyler Mitchell’s portraits of Black people resting in open green space, while Sara Knelman shows the liberatory possibilities of the feminist collage work of Lorna Simpson, Mickalene Thomas, Sara Cwynar, and Alanna Fields. From AfroFuturist aesthetics to the eco-idealism of Biosphere 2, the “Utopia” issue explores the role of photographs in shaping our future.



Gregory Halpern, Jo Ractliffe, Companion Pieces, Street. Life. Photography.

Day Jobs
Lou Stoppard on Koto Bolofo and Europe’s fashion world of the 1980s

Rebecca Bengal on the making of Mary Ellen Mark’s The Book of Everything

Paul Graham on Garry Winogrand, green tea, and New York City



Love for a Common Way of Life
Tyler Mitchell’s vision of Black utopia
Salamishah Tillet

Dream Worlds: Five Reflections

Utopia by Subtraction
Chris Jennings

Occupy the Moment
Olivia Laing

Nicole R. Fleetwood

Towering Ambitions
Steven S. Lee

The Rot of Stars
Elvia Wilk

Spaceship Earth
What a new documentary reveals about Biosphere 2
Matt Wolf in Conversation with Julian Rose

Dreaming & Dwelling
The architecture that imagined a new society
Mimi Zeiger

Feminist Futures
The artists who find freedom in collage
Sara Knelman

Remains of the Day
Holding space in the Middle East, ten years after the Arab Spring
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

The Future Will See You Now
The private worlds of Black desire

Antwaun Sargent

The Black Fantastic
Speculative visions of the African diaspora
Ekow Eshun

Calling in the Spirit
For Latinx photographers, a search for belonging
Kiara Cristina Ventura


David Benjamin Sherry
American Spirit
Yxta Maya Murray

Allen Frame
1981, NYC
Brendan Embser

Aikaterini Gegisian
The Suspended Real
Lauren Elkin

Gareth McConnell
Dream Meadows
Alistair O’Neill

Balarama Heller
Sacred Place
Pico Iyer



Five questions for the Family Acid


  • Aperture 241: Utopia (Tyler Mitchell)
  • Publisher: Aperture (December 8, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 140 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1597114863
  • ISBN-13: 9781597114868
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  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 0.6 x 12.01 inches
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