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Aperture 245

Aperture 245


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This winter, Aperture magazine presents an issue that celebrates the dynamic visions of Latinx photography across the United States. Guest edited by Pilar Tompkins Rivas, chief curator at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, “Latinx” spans a century of image making, connecting historical and contemporary photography, and covering the themes of political resistance, family and community, fashion and culture, and the complexity of identity in American life.

In “Latinx,” Carribean Fragoza traces Laura Aguilar’s influence on queer artmaking. Joiri Minaya remixes postcards from the Dominican Republic to unveil the fantasy of tourism. Christina Catherine Martinez profiles Reynaldo Rivera, who chronicled 1990s-era Los Angeles nightlife. Yxta Maya Murry considers three Latina curators and writers influencing how photography canons are made today.

“Collectively, their images cast a greater net for the multiple ways of seeing Latinx people,” Tompkins Rivas notes of the issue’s photographers, “creating a visual archive whose edges are yet to be defined.”



Samuel Fosso, Songs of the Sky, Stephanie Syjuco, Greater New York

Brian Sholis on diversity in photography collections, from New Orleans to Toronto

Declan Long on Gilles Peress’s two-thousand-page photobook about Northern Ireland

Tina Campt on Garrett Bradley, Moonlight, and the dance styles of Storyboard P



Guest Editor’s Note: You Belong Here
What can photographs tell us about Latinx culture in the United States?
Pilar Tompkins Rivas

Always in Resistance
Ken Gonzales-Day on archives that push back against historical erasure
A Conversation with Jesse Alemán

Making Worlds
The Latina curators and writers revising the photography canon
Yxta Maya Murray

Capturing Movimientos
Images and activism, from New York to Los Angeles
Colin Gunckel

A Picture of an Artist at Work
The 1970s-era Conceptual artists who demanded visibility
Chon Noriega

Glitter for the Fire
How Reynaldo Rivera chronicled the chaotic glamour of LA nightlife
Christina Catherine Martinez

The River Remembers Laura Aguilar
The artists creating a queer lineage
Carribean Fragoza



The Revolution Will Be . . .
Sofía Córdova summons dance and collective action
Eva Díaz

From Louis Carlos Bernal, documents of Mexican American lives
Oscar Cásares

Youth Culture
Gregory Bojorquez and the Latinx subcultures of punks and skaters
Joseph Daniel Valencia

Steven Molina Contreras’s portraits between the U.S. and El Salvador
Karla Cornejo Villavicencio

The Collector
Vincent Ramos excavates identity in popular culture
Rita Gonzalez

The Lives of Gabriela Ruiz
Bibs Moreno’s collaborations with the muse and performance artist
Eva Recinos

Found in Translation
Marton Robinson considers the languages of Black Latinx history
Lorgia García-Peña

1979: Contact Negatives
Tarrah Krajnak’s spectral encounters between the body and the city
Yasmine Seale

Dominican Postcards
Joiri Minaya’s collages unveil the fantasy of tourism
Angie Cruz

Bridge of Mirrors
Genesis Báez’s visions of the Puerto Rican diaspora
Nadiah Rivera Fellah



Six questions for Cheech Marin



  • Publisher: Aperture (December 7, 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 136 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1597115061
  • ISBN-13: 9781597115063
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  • Dimensions: 9.25 x 0.6 x 12.01 inches
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