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The Captive Maternal

The Captive Maternal

Anti-Fascist Renegades, Runaways and Rebels (Pre-Order, Aug 20 2024)

Joy James
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This book represents the first comprehensive exploration of "the Captive Maternal," synthesizing over a decade of thought-provoking content and incisive analyses.

Expanding on her influential 2016 essay "The Womb of Western Theory," Professor Joy James delivers a revolutionary contribution to Black feminist/masculinist studies, radicalism, political philosophy, and the fabric of US national and international politics.

The book delves into the intricate lives of those "feminized" into caretaking and consumption. It uncovers the histories, struggles, and resolute strengths of Captive Maternals--self-identified females, males, trans individuals, or those who transcend gender--a group integral to the tapestry of resistance against oppression.


Table of Contents

  • Preface: Family Training Grounds Introduction: "The United Front Against Fascism" Americana Runaways
  • 1. Antebellum Austin Reed and the Contemporary Traumatized Child
  • 2. (After)Lives of Sally Hemings, Michelle Obama & Deborah Danner within the 2021 Capitol Siege
  • 3. Imperial State Feminism Disciplines Impacted Black Mothers Renegade Culture Refuses Integration
  • 4. Domestic Disturbance Oscars: Mammy, Leticia Musgrove, Mary
  • 5. (Counter)Revolutionary Storytellers: Octavia Butler, Toni Morrison & Black Panther
  • 6. Embattled Black Entertainment: Aretha Franklin and Dave Chappelle Anti-Fascist Rebels in War Resistance
  • 7. Ida B. Wells Anticipates Fanon's "Hence Forward" Moment
  • 8. Blood in My Eye: Georgia Jackson's Sons
  • 9. Abort or Birth?: Guerrilla Womb Theory
  • Conclusion: Womb Theory's Black Matrix Confronts White Boss Theory: A Captive Maternal View of Kojeve's Introduction to a Reading of Hegel
  • Bibliography
  • Index


Joy James is the Ebenezer Fitch Professor of the Humanities at Williams College. She is the author of In Pursuit of Revolutionary Love and Resisting State Violence among other works, and the editor of the Angela Y. Davis Reader and co-editor of The Black Feminist Reader.


  • ISBN: 0745349927, 9780745349923
  • Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pub Date: August 20, 2024
  • Pages: 352
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • BISAC: BISAC Categories: Social Science | Gender Studies, Feminism & Feminist Theory, Social Science | Anthropology | Cultural & Social


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