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In the past couple of years since his debut album, Los Angeles, Flying Lotus has grown into the position of being far more than a producer, he has helped materialize a far-reaching strain of musical ideology that has encompassed not only a global family of like-minded artists, but also a nearly infinite palate of planetary (and interplanetary) sonics. No longer simply an outgrowth of Ellison's machines, the music here is also the product of live instrumentalists from the worlds that Cosmogramma engages.


- Disc 1 -

1. Clock Catcher

2. Pickled!

3. Nose Art

4. Intro//A Cosmic Drama

5. Zodiac Shit

6. Computer Face//Pure Being

7. ..And the World Laughs with You

8. Arkestry



- Disc 2 -

1. Do the Astral Plane

2. Satelllliiiiiteee

3. German Haircut

4. Recoiled

5. Dance of the Pseudo Nymph

6. Drips//Auntie's Harp

7. Table Tennis

8. Galaxy in Janaki

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