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Enginethusiast Quarterly features adventures, photography, artwork and stories from around the world by some of the most talented creatives. Come ride with us!
Layers upon layers. Deep inside the core, below the surface, hides our motivations. These factors drive us each day to accomplish the unthinkable, and in some cases, unimaginable feats. From astronauts to social justice champions, the journey to success takes hard work and dedication. We perceive the world as we see it, and we aim to expand it at each turn. Auto enthusiasts and motorcycle fans cover the globe, yet we share so many similarities. From classic enthusiasts to modern newcomers, we feel connected to the machines that take us on adventures. On so many occassions, adventures can be seen as these major undertakings. For example, NASA in space, that surely classifies as an adventure. But what about the quick ride to the local coffee shop or down your favorite scenic road? We consider them all adventures, so the feeling of excitment that our readers in Sydney, Australia experience when they fire up their Triumph Bonneville is the same similar passion that our readers in Birmingham, Alabama feel when they crank up a classic Chevrolet Chevelle. At the end of the day, we’re all just in search of our own little adventures in our own way. I consider myself fortunate to share stories from around the world to our readers to show that our shared passion is the world we create.

Anthony Scott

Editor in Chief


Features included in Vol. 3

010 | The Shadows.
024 | Chévere Cuba.
034 | In My Own.
044 | Fun Exposure.
052 | The School.
058 | The Commandment.
072 | Flat Track.
086 | A New York Minute..Or Two.
106 | Courtesy Of Speed.
118 | Simple Pleasures.
126 | Green Living.
140 | Alpha Initiative
146 | Moto Spirits by Keino Cycles

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