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Forgotten Lands: Issue 05

Forgotten Lands: Issue 05

The Haunted Tropics

Forgotten Lands
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For Volume 05 we’re examining the colonial origins that are still at work within and around the Caribbean today. How might today’s coloniality of power present itself in your region and how do you address this in your practice?  While we delve into this theme, it’s imperative to also consider the context of these matrixed layers of identity and the reality of our own displacement in the current post-globalized world.

Front cover by Shari Phoenix

Back cover by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.

First edition of 1000 copies, softcover



Daurius Figueira / Ed Maximus / Emann Odufu / Gervais Marsh / Guarionex Rodriguez Jr / Hew Locke / José Morbán / Leasho Johnson / Maelynn Ford / Maridelis Morales Rosado / Patience Williams / Pilar Castillo / Ricardo Miguel Hernández / Sandra Brewster / Savannah Lyons Anthony / Shari Phoenix / Sharmadean Reid / Steve Maldonado Silvestrini / Yelaine Rodriguez


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