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Frankincense & Sage Smoke Cleansing Kit

Frankincense & Sage Smoke Cleansing Kit

Heritage Apothecary
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Hand crafted with white sage and frankincense resin, the sacred smoke stick in this kit was formulated to create a grounding, zen vibe for your space. Sustainably sourced palo santo and a hand-crafted copal incense sticks are included alongside a golden taper candle within a hemp fiber tote for the ultimate eco-luxe experience. Release energetic burdens and welcome a stronger connection to self and the universe.

What’s Included: Resinous frankincense & sage smudge bundle (4-5”)

Aromatic palo santo incense

Handmade copal incense sticks (3)

Golden taper candle

Hemp fiber tote bag

Meticulously crafted without compromise in Los Angeles, Ca.

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