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Global Guyana

Global Guyana

Shaping Race, Gender, and Environment in the Caribbean and Beyond

Oneka LaBennett
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Exposes the global threat of environmental catastrophe and the forms of erasure that structure Caribbean women's lives in the overlooked nation of Guyana

Previously ranked among the hemisphere's poorest countries, Guyana is becoming a global leader in per capita oil production, a shift which promises to profoundly transform the nation. This sea change presents a unique opportunity to dissect both the environmental impacts of modern- world resource extraction and the obscured yet damaging ways in which intersectional race and gender formations circumscribe Caribbean women's lives.

Drawing from archival research and oral history, and examining mass-mediated flashpoints across the African and Indian diasporas--including Rihanna's sonic routes, ethnic conflict reportage, HBO's Lovecraft Country, and Netflix's Indian Matchmaking-- Global Guyana repositions this marginalized nation as a nexus of social and economic activity which drives popular culture and ideas about sexuality while reshaping the geopolitical and literal topography of the Caribbean region. Oneka LaBennett employs the powerful analytic of the pointer broom to disentangle the symbiotic relationship between Guyanese women's gendered labor and global racial capitalism. She illuminates how both oil extraction and sand export are implicated in a well-established practice of pillaging the Caribbean's natural resources while masking the ecological consequences that disproportionately affect women and children.

Global Guyana uncovers how ecological erosion and gendered violence are entrenched in extractive industries emanating from this often-effaced but pivotal country. Sounding the alarm on the portentous repercussions that ambitious development spells out for the nation's people and its geographical terrain, LaBennett issues a warning for all of us about the looming threat of global environmental calamity.


Oneka LaBennett is Associate Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity and Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of Southern California. She's the author of She's Mad Real: Popular Culture and West Indian Girls in Brooklyn and co-editor of Racial Formation in the Twenty-First Century.


  • Publisher: New York University Press
  • Publish Date: April 16, 2024
  • Pages: 256
  • Dimensions: 5.9 X 8.9 X 0.9 inches | 0.85 pounds
  • Language: English
  • Type: Paperback
  • EAN/UPC: 9781479827015
  • BISAC Categories: Industries - Natural Resource Extraction, World - Caribbean & Latin American, Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies - Caribbean & Latin American Studies, Women's Studies
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