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Issue 5 (Issa Rae)

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GREATEST is a bi-annual print magazine published by GOAT GROUP showcasing the stories of up and coming artists as well as industry veterans who continuously pave the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond.

The fifth edition of GREATEST is the result of time spent reevaluating the ideas that make this time—now—less a continuation of how things are and more a proposition of how things can be. In this issue, you’ll meet 10 of the individuals driving this shift in fast and slow, big and small, public and personal ways. What they share is a relentless pursuit of something more, something better, an inability to accept the imperfect ways of the world as they are today.

A designer redefining modern luxury through the lens of British heritage.

A teenager breaking the barriers of Black LGBTQ+ representation.

A skater demonstrating through highs and lows what it means to be yourself.

Joining these profiles is a new series where artists from around the world share works produced exclusively for GREATEST. From Kanye West collaborator Peter De Potter to Stephen Tayo, a photographer at the forefront of Nigeria’s creative boom. Each work lends a unique perspective to life before, during and after lockdown, capturing the beauty found in transformation. We hope you enjoy the fifth issue of GREATEST, our own proposition of how things can be.


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