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Moshi - Hand Rolled Charcoal Incense

Moshi - Hand Rolled Charcoal Incense

Heritage Apothecary
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Artisanal Incense

These clean burning charcoal incense sticks are hand dipped, long lasting and sure to please.  Use them to cleanse your space, carry out your sacred rituals or simply to take yourself on an aromatic journey as you relax and decompress. 


Aloeswood: Agarwood is a precious, prized tree in many ancient cultures. Fragrant and resinous, the dark notes of agarwood in this incense create a pleasant, lingering aroma.  

Amber Alchemy: Layers of sweet cream and fluffy marshmallows intertwine the with embrace of autumn spices and rich notes of amber resin.

Cedarwood Sanctuary: Crisp California cedarwood, siberian fir needles, and soothing sandalwood infuse your space with the nostalgia of days past and the anticipation of the beautiful moments that lie ahead.

Celestial Sonata: Lemon leaf finds its perfect match in a bouquet of jasmine petals, while blue cyclamen flowers intertwine with the comforting scent of tonka. Beneath this fragrant symphony lies a foundation of rose, vanilla, and musk, creating a celestial olfactory experience.

Cinnamon Spell: Freshly buttered pumpkin waffles, complete with notes of sweet cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and a hint of maple syrup. Perfect for setting the mood during fall gatherings, meditation, or simply for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Cocoa Butter Baby: Warm spices, cocoa butter, sandalwood and jasmine collide to create a decadent and luxurious smelling incense unlike any other.

Hashish: A bold embrace of untamed sativa, black currant, and green apple mingles with the alluring depths of amber; as sandalwood grounds the smoky whispers of vetivert, all blending beautifully to capture the ministry of relaxation.

Havana: Decadent vanilla + resinous woods pair beautifully with smoky tobacco rising above sunset horizons

Luna: A luminescent night, thousands upon thousands of stars filling the sky. Luna incense captures this unique and breathtaking visual effect into a fragrance. It's an aroma like no other, a scent so soft and pure that you may have to hold it to your nose to be sure you're not just smelling the air. Once lit, Luna incense smoke is slow-moving and hazy, creating an instantly soothing atmosphere that lingers.

Marin: The essence of the California coast with dry cedarwood and juniper accords mingling with floral notes of lavender, myrtle and fresh peeled vanilla pods presented against a backdrop of frankincense and oud.

Rose: Dewy rose petals + creamy musk create an elegant aromatic fragrance 

Sage + Palo Santo: A deep, heady mixture of Palo santo, black wood, orange leaves, and smoky sage blend with grounding cedar and spicy Sichuan pepper

Sage + Sea: Amber, sensual woods and soft wildflowers dance along the pacific blue coastline

Sweet Guides: Copal + plumeria balance out euphoric notes of pimento, orchid and rich resinous woods

Sweet Moss: Envelop yourself in the delightful harmony of freshly picked sage, crisp apple, and succulent golden peach, infusing the blend with the vibrant essence of fully ripened fruits. Beneath this symphony of scents, a rich and grounding foundation of juniper berry, velvety musk, and earthy oakmoss beckon the senses, crafting an enchanting aroma that evokes the cozy comfort and brisk autumn air of a charming fall day.

Tobacco + Leather: Creamy vanilla and rich dark brown sugar blend harmoniously with the smoky essence of tobacco and the earthy aroma of Palo Santo wood.

Zanzibar: Fresh, tropical fruits and sugared florals float atop teakwood and clear blue waters


New, Limited Edition Spring + Summer Incense Scents:


Lychee + Lime: Smell the zestful embrace of citrusy lime and sweet lychee – a perfect match to brighten your spring days.

Hibiscus + Lemon: Let the floral notes of hibiscus intertwined with refreshing lemon invigorate your senses and uplift your spirits.

Grapefruit + Thyme: Vibrant notes of grapefruit and the subtle earthiness of thyme, are a refreshing blend that pamper any space.

Orange Blossom + Sandalwood: Soothe your evenings with the gentle caress of orange blossom and rich sandalwood – a scent that promises peaceful nights.

Mango + Coconut: Escape to the tropics with the creamy, sweet fusion of mango and coconut, bringing a slice of paradise right to your home.

Sweet Mint + Eucalyptus: a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, citrus, and a hint of marigold for a soothing yet uplifting scent journey.


What’s Included:

- Twelve 8 inch sticks housed in a plastic pouch 

- Burn time: approximately 1 hour each

- Hand dipped with Love in Southern California 

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