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I Want To Love My Own Life

I Want To Love My Own Life

Nadira Rene
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Pika has been battling thoughts of self-destruction for years. Scared of her own increasing rage, Pika decides to try an unconventional approach to wellness, which inadvertently introduces her to a new world of gruesome deaths and terrifying uncertainty. Guided by three peculiar voices, Pika is taken on an intense journey that forces her to question the value of her own life. 


Nadira was born in Pasadena, California in 1999. She has been published for her comic book work, poetry, short stories and personal essays in numerous publications, including DC Comics, All My Friends and MyBlackMatters. Nadira is primarily a fiction-horror author, but she has work spanning across most genres, including journalism.  Nadira is currently working on her own animated series, as well as her forthcoming horror novel, I Want To Love My Own Life, which will be released in 2021. Nadira graduated from Howard university in 2021, where she received her B.A, in English. 


Publisher: SiKK Nation LLCLanguage: English 

ISBN-13:  9780578944692

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