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Kingdom of Dust

Kingdom of Dust

(Pre-Order, Aug 20 2024)

Lisa Stringfellow
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Author of A Comb of Wishes Lisa Stringfellow returns with a West African-inspired fantasy about a girl who is determined to return both magic and justice to her people--and whose destiny holds more surprises than she could ever imagine.

Though the land of Kun used to be lush and green, Amara has only ever known her homeland as a dry, dusty desert. When the griots vanished more than a decade ago, they took their magic with them, along with goddess Oala's gifts of rain and plenty, leaving Kun controlled by a powerful and uncaring king. And though her foster mother, Zirachi, assures her that Kun is not under a curse, Amara can't help but wonder if her own origin, which is shrouded in mystery, is somehow linked to the broken kingdom.

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