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Meditation on Abolition

Meditation on Abolition

(Sojourners for Justice)

Ashon Crawley
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In Meditation on Abolition, Ashon Crawley discusses how the spiritual community of his youth, Blackpentecostalism, gave him a way into abolition as a practice of concern, as a practice of care. He demonstrates that any community formation or institutional practice has within the capacity to be disrupted by the liberative energies of abolitionist practice. It can be disrupted when we commit daily to enacting abolition--not just with regard to incarceration but in all our relationships, friendships, comraderly engagements. When practiced daily, in the mundane, abolition can become the reflexive posture from which to sense the world and act with, in and through it.


Ashon Crawley is Associate Professor of Religious Studies and African American Studies at University of Virginia. His research and teaching experiences are in the areas of Black Studies, Performance Theory and Sound Studies, Philosophy and Theology, Black Feminist and Queer theories. His first book project, Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility,​ an ​investigation of aesthetics and performance as modes of collective, social imaginings otherwise, is published with Fordham University Press. Reach him at:,,


  • Publisher: ‎Haymarket Books (November 1, 2022)
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