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Mountain Sage w/ Frankincense, Myrrh + Copal Smoke Stick

Mountain Sage w/ Frankincense, Myrrh + Copal Smoke Stick

Heritage Apothecary
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Mountain sage is a powerful purifier and myrrh symbolizes spiritual connection and protection. Frankincense and Copal are both excellent for cleansing the aura as well as for spiritual growth and alignment. This wand is great for burning before meditation and sacred rituals.  

Smoke cleansing is the perfect way to elevate your daily ritual.  Plant allies can support in deepening the connection to oneself, returning to spiritual alignment and revealing clarity on the next best steps.

Please remember to keep a window or door open as you smudge to release the potent smoke and any lingering negative energy.

Bundle length varies between 4-5 inches and 1-1.5 inches in width.

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