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Niijournal III (Family Ties) *Signed*

Niijournal III (Family Ties) *Signed*

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A collectors item (Rep Club snagged some of the last copies on the market!), Niijournal was launched by publisher and photographer Campbell Addy in the summer of 2016 with the message, “here to educate, not irritate.”

In Niijournal III (Family Ties) we examine our closest, most intimate relationships across blood relations, extended family, our pioneering Black LGBTQ+ communities, the Black church, the nightclub, a house in New Addington, a house in Accra, a photographer’s studio in Brixton. Our teachers and students, our artists, our individual beacons and merging, emerging, overlapping collectives. Our Baltimore family in New York, and of course, exemplary lessons in Black fine art photography.


Publisher: Campbell Addy Studios

Published: December 2018

United Kingdom