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Pure Matcha

Pure Matcha

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The foundational green superfood for energy, focus, and cellular health for all. Pure Matcha goes beyond Ceremonial Grade: freshly shade-grown and cold-processed in Uji, Japan for maximum antioxidant and amino acid content.

In a survey of real customers:
64% reported reduced anxiety after switching from coffee to Pure Matcha
76% reported fewer caffeine jitters after switching from coffee to Pure Matcha
74% reported improved focus after drinking Pure Matcha

  • l-theanine: amino acid for serene focus
  • 60mg caffeine: lasting jitter-free energy
  • polyphenols + catechins: antioxidants for glowing skin
  • chlorophyll: green detoxifier


Whisk 1 tsp. with warm water (and sweetener if desired), then pour over 8 oz. milk of your choice.

Contains 40 g. of matcha, makes 15-20 lattes.

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