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Queer Love in Color

Jamal Jordan

“The world needs to see and receive what love looks like in all its forms. Queer Love in Color arrested my heart and soothed my anxious soul. Love is love is love is love! Thank you, Jamal Jordan, for showing the world what true love looks like.”—Billy Porter

“As queer and trans people of color, we don’t often see images of ourselves in love—maybe infatuation or lust, but not often love. By capturing couples and families in our community and amplifying their love, Queer Love in Color helps define our legacies of queer affection beyond the carnal and sensational. This is a mirror into which generations might look to see their deepest selves and a world of possibilities reflected back at them. This is a tool through which many will unlearn the toxicity that society has taught us and learn anew how to love and be loved.”—Tre’vell Anderson, journalist and cultural critic
“Jamal Jordan challenges the narrow depictions of queer love through this masterfully written, photographed, and curated collection. There is no one way to love, and Queer Love in Color honors and celebrates that truth.”—Blair Imani, historian and author
“I wept as I pored over the images and stories here. What Jamal Jordan has captured is the magic of our love, of our bonds, of our understanding. In a world that so often renders us expendable, this project reminds us all that our love for each other is what has saved and will save us. In each other’s arms we create a world of possibilities, tenderness, and empowerment. So much of the work we do is to let others know we see them, and Queer Love in Color reflects us back to ourselves with a startling and welcomed clarity—and I am unendingly grateful.”—Lady Phyll, executive director and co-founder of UK Black Pride
“With Queer Love in Color, Jamal Jordan does more than reveal the infinite possibilities available beyond the status quo; like all great queer storytellers, Jordan turns the possible into the inevitable, the marginal into the central, and the faded into the bold. With portraits of and insight from queer folks of color from around the world, Jordan captures the most profound gift of queerness: We define our own realities, design our own joys, and experience loves that have no equal.”—Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown, authors of We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation


Jamal Jordan is a mixed-media documentarian who is currently working as a visual editor for the New York Times’s Digital Storytelling team.


  • Hardcover, 224 Pages
  • Published by Ten Speed Press (May 04, 2021)
  • Dimensions: 8 x 9 in.
  • Weight: 20 oz
  • ISBN 9781984857644