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Tiny Threads

Tiny Threads

(Pre-Order Sep 24 2024)

Lilliam Rivera
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In this gorgeously sinister novel of supernatural suspense, a young woman gets her dream job working for a famous designer--and discovers the dark side of the glamorous world of fashion.

Fashion-obsessed Samara finally has the life she's always dreamed of: A high-powered job with legendary designer Antonio Mota. A new home in sunny California, far away from those drab Jersey winters. And an intriguing love interest, Brandon, a wealthy investor in Mota's fashion line.

But it's not long before Samara's dream life begins to turn into a living nightmare as Mota's big fashion show approaches and the pressure on her turns crushing. Perhaps that's why she begins hearing voices in her room at night--and seeing strange things that can't be explained away by stress or anxiety or the number of drinks she's been consuming.

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